My Old Tips of the Month

November 2012
For many of us, November ushers in the beginning of cold weather and snow.  Have you ever noticed the white salty substance that covers cars and sidewalks and streets in the winter?  That is salt!  It is very important to remember to wipe your puppy’s feet when you come in from outside.  If a puppy licks that salt off his feet, he or she can get a bad tummy ache.  Mommy and Daddy always remember to wipe my feet and my brother’s too!  That makes us very happy!

October 2012
October is a very busy month for me!  We are getting ready for the NKF Kidney Walk on October 13th.  As you know, we have a lot of experience with kidneys!  (Kidney failure, transplants, living donors…)  We think it is important to support charities.  Sometimes we sell my books and donate the profits to charity.  But you don’t always have to give money!  There are plenty of ways to give your support!  For the Kidney Foundation, we are walking.  One friend is giving by feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen.  Another friend is giving by tutoring at her local library.  Try to think of creative ways to support your favorite charities!

August/September 2012
As I write this tip, I am sitting on Mommy’s lap.  That’s my favorite place.  My tip for you is to never give up.
My family has been watching the Summer Olympics and many inspirational stories have been told.
A man from South Africa ran with two artificial legs.  A man from Niger did competitive rowing even though he only practiced in a fishing boat.  Kenyan runners practice on dirt tracks for a chance at their dream.  They never gave up and didn’t let anything get in their way.
I have a kidney condition and a sore back but I won’t let that stop me.  Mommy is blind and has 3 transplants.  That never slowed her down.
My tip is never give up, go for your dreams, be happy, live life fully.

July 2012
For me, July is a month filled with celebrations of new life.  In July 2004, I was adopted by Mommy and Daddy and started a new life with my family.
My daddy was born on July 5, my big brother Dexter, July 4.  Many wonderful friends were born in July.  It is a great month for birthdays.
On July 4, 1776, the United States of America (the country where I live) was born.  Wow!  That was a big one!  Everybody in the nation celebrates it every year.
My final example is really important to me.  On July 16, 2009, Daddy donated a kidney to Mommy and saved her life.  I think that is very much like a birthday.  It gave her another chance at life, just like being born again.  How special is that?
Whether it is the birth of people, puppies, nations, new families or new lives, July has had a huge impact on everything I know and love today.
Take a moment to think about your special dates and how much they mean to you.

June 2012
Many activities happen in June.  Graduations, weddings and the beginning of summer are just a few.  Sometimes we get so involved in the craziness of summer, the simple and basic ideas are forgotten.
One of these basic yet ever so important ideas was brought right back to the forefront of my families minds recently.  Simply stated, hydration is very important.
Hydration means to remember to drink a lot of water or other healthy liquid.  Our bodies need a ton of fluid to keep it running.  It’s kind of like a car needing fuel.  If our bodies don’t get enough fluid, we can get very sick.  Nothing wrecks summertime fun more than getting sick; so drink up!

May 2012
Does your family have a plan in case there is an emergency in your home?  Our family does!  Our plan is to be prepared and stay calm.  No matter what the circumstances are, those two ideas will be very helpful.
My brother and I carry the plan one step further.  We will stay together.  In case of a severe storm we will follow our parents to the basement.  We will stay close and listen!
If there is a fire, we will follow Mommy and Daddy outside.  Then they will call 9-1-1.  Staying together and being calm and listening are very important to ensure everyone’s safety.
If your family does not have a plan already, I think it would be a good idea to discuss one.  Being prepared can really help save time in emergency situations.
From time to time it may be a good idea to practice by doing a drill.  Knowing you are prepared feels great and then no one has to worry!
Lots of schools and businesses have practice drills.  I hope we never have to use our emergency plan, but I know we are ready.  Key points to remember: Stay calm.  Be prepared.  Stay together.  Listen.
One last suggestion is watch out for your neighbors and they will watch out for you.  It’s like a buddy system, helping each other.
Have a safe and happy summer!

March/April 2012
Every April we remind you about the importance of organ donation, especially living donors.  The need continues to expand.  With over 100,000 people waiting for a life saving organ transplant, it is imperative that we keep educating people.
It’s too bad that the U.S. doesn’t have the same organ donor system as Belgium.  In Belgium you are automatically considered a donor unless you opt out of the program.  Imagine all the lives that could be saved!
This April I thought I would share some interesting statistics about kidney disease.  1 in 9 people are affected with kidney disease.  Over 382,000 are on dialysis.  Dialysis is a process to sustain life, but it is not a cure.  Kidney disease touches many lives.
My family has been affected by kidney disease.  I have kidney disease and my Mommy has been on dialysis twice before her two kidney transplants.  Daddy is a living donor.  These are some of the reasons we feel strongly about our goal.
Some of you may be too young to donate organs, but you can talk to your friends and family to teach them what you have learned.  It’s important to share information.
My tip this month is to learn something that interests you and share it with others.  Hopefully they will continue sharing it and many people will learn.

February 2012
In February people typically talk about love because of Valentine’s Day.  I thought I’d be different and write about something else because I try to love everyday.  I changed my mind.  It’s a very important topic and “love” can take on many different forms.
I believe you should love everything, not just your sweetheart.  That includes puppies, kittens, rabbits, trees, flowers, elephants, our friends, your parents and even your sisters and brothers. (Even if they annoy you once in a while!)
Like I said before, love takes on many forms.  You don’t have to give kisses to everything you “love.”  I’m suggesting giving all things thought and not just disregarding them.  Respect would be a way of explaining what I mean.
You may not understand all the creatures in our world, I don’t think anyone does.  Just respect them.
I love puppies, rabbits and flowers.  I love Mommy and Daddy.  I love friends.  I respect elephants even though I don’t understand their noses.  I’ll admit I don’t like snow, but I respect what it does for our earth.  I even love my little brother and he annoys me a lot!

January 2012
Happy New Year!  I stayed up late last night to watch people all around the world celebrate the new year.  Everyone was very excited!
I hope 2012 is better, I know 2011 was a tough one for many.  My wish for all this year is happiness.
It is good to be motivated and achieve your goals, but don’t forget to take pleasure and enjoy where you are right now.  When you can enjoy the little things of everyday life, it can make the big events seem even better!
My tip for this month and all of 2012 – keep it simple, stay motivated, be happy!

December 2011
With the spirit of the holidays approaching and 2011 coming to an end, I thought I would share something I wrote in a blog in November.
There are many ways to help one another.  We all have special talents that we can share.  I hope you take a moment to figure out what your special talent is and share it with others!
We will never sell a million books or be rich and famous in the big world.  In our little world we walk for kidneys, raise funds for animals, share the importance of living donors and transplants and maybe warm a few hearts.  Helping others.  Meeting new people.  Making new friends, and encouraging others doesn’t have a monetary value.  Hearing a challenged young reader sound out words to find out what’s on my nose all by herself – that’s priceless!
Have a wonderful December and I will write again in 2012!

November 2011
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love turkey, don’t you? Turkey has a natural ingredient called tryptophan, so if you eat too much, you will get sleepy! Make sure you save room for energy food like vegetables and pumpkin pie! Yum, Yum!

October 2011
Halloween is coming! Do you like Halloween? I love dressing up. Sometimes I wear sunglasses or a mask. This year I want to be a pirate. I think I would look really cute! When I trick or treat, I always go in a group with my Mommy and Daddy. Safety first! We only go to homes with lights on and always say “Thank you!” Sometimes I get so excited I dance up and down on my back legs! This is a great time of year!

August 2011
My little brother Boomer’s birthday is in August!  He is two on August 2.  That means it is his golden birthday.  He is also a golden color.  He is pretty.  In fact, he is beautiful!  I am little and cute while he is big and beautiful.  Although we are different in appearance, we are very much alike in other ways.
When we first adopted Boomer! he was very tiny.  He grew very quickly!  He is a good brother.  He rarely barks, only when it is play time or he thinks he needs to protect the family.  He greets all the neighbors every time we go outside.  Boomer! gives tours of the house to our doggy friends.  I think he will be a professional Frisbee player when he’s older.  Boomer! runs very fast and with a lot of grace.  He can catch the Frisbee while in mid air!  Amazing!
Boomer! is very gentle with Mommy and me.  He knows he needs to keep his strength in check when he plays with us.  He is very strong and we are not!  He saves the power for play time with Daddy.  He listens very well to Mommy – I think he knows he should because she can’t see and worries about us.  Whenever she calls us, he immediately goes to her.  He kind of leads her around too.  He always keeps an eye on me – as I do on him.  We watch out for each other.  He is so smart he has already learned our daily routine and never deviates from it.  It is kind of funny, when we need to change a bit, Boomer! prefers the regular way.  Everything has its time and order.
Boomer! also shares his toys fairly well.  He got two chew toys for his birthday and shares them with me.
Once in a while Mommy and Daddy have to leave.  Boomer! has to be in his “crib” for that time.  (He still likes to counter surf and get into things.)  His “crib” is his bachelor pad.  He is quite comfortable, I like it.  Boomer! knows exactly when to go in it.  Daddy heads to the “treats” and says, “Meet you in the crib!”  and there Boomer! is – waiting!
I am an excellent guide and mentor.  At 2, Boomer! still has many things to learn.  He is so smart, I’m sure he will have no problem.  I love my brother and he loves me.  I think that’s the way it should be.  That Rhymes!  Maybe I’m a poet?  Happy Birthday Boomer!  I’m proud of you.

July 2011
July is an exciting month.  First of all, we have the Fourth of July.  That celebrates our country’s independence.  I don’t really like fireworks (like most dogs), but I understand the meaning behind them.  I wish we could just see the pretty lights and not hear the loud noises!
The day after is my daddy’s birthday!  When he was young, his mom and dad told him the fireworks were to celebrate his birthday.  As he got older, he found out the real reason, but he didn’t mind sharing the celebration with our nation.
A few months ago, Mommy and Daddy went to New Jerssy.  When they flew in to the city, they went right over the Statue of Liberty.  Wow!  It was the first time they saw it in person.  Daddy said it was breathtaking.  That means it was really awesome!  On the way home, they flew out at night.  A bridge going into New York City had its arches lit with red, white and blue!  That looked beautiful too.  They felt so lucky to have had that experience.
There are many symbols all over the country that stand for our nation’s freedom.  I am very proud to live here!  Have you ever visited any of these sites?

June 2011
Check-ups are important!  Recently, I had my yearly check-up.  I was feeling fine but always go in once a year for my vaccines and tests.  It’s a good thing I did!  My vet found out I was starting to have a problem with my kidneys.  It was very early so I wasn’t showing any symptoms yet.  They said it is very good to catch this early.
I’ve started a treatment plan of medicine and a special diet.  I’m so glad I had my yearly check-up so they could find this issue early!  I feel good and just need to follow my treatment plan.
If anyone ever thought yearly check-ups weren’t important, this proves that they are!  Finding conditions early is very important and helps a lot!

May 2011
The flowers are almost in full bloom and summer is on the way.  As the days get longer, a lot of us are outside playing, walking and riding our bikes.  Time to be extra careful and keep your eyes and ears active.  With all the activities we need to be careful and keep safety in mind.
I think it’s a good idea to wear your helmets when biking and watch for cars.  When I take a walk with Daddy and Mommy, I always use my leash and stay right by them.  When Boomer! and I play, we always stay together and not wander off alone.  I believe it’s a really good idea to keep safety first – plus you can still have lots of fun!  Enjoy!

April 2011
April showers bring May flowers, although we don’t need any more rain where I live!  April also gives me the chance to mention the importance of organ donation.  When kind generous people donate organs, they save lives.  People have donated a kidney to my mommy and it saved her life twice!  I love my mommy.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  So many things never would have happened – my books, programs, my brothers – just to name a few.
Daddy gave Mommy a kidney.  He is my hero!  He did a great thing!  Many people need help, so please tell all your friends, parents, relatives, neighbors, teachers and anyone else!  Thanks for sharing!  Happy April!

March 2011
March is here!  That means spring will arrive soon.  Yippee!  Spring means spring training for baseball players.  They practice basic skills and working together.  Working together is called teamwork – a very important part of playing ball and life!
Excellent baseball players use teamwork to play their best.  My brother Boomer! and I use team work to get things done all the time!  For example playing keep away from Daddy!  Other examples are Boomer! standing over me when it rains.  He is taller and his fur that keeps water away!  I help him by fetching balls that go under a short tree!  That’s teamwork!
Mommy and Daddy also use teamwork to complete jobs around our home.  It’s very helpful!  Maybe everyone should give teamwork a try!  Happy Spring!

February 2011
Where I live, February is “I Love to Read” month.  Guess what?  I love to read!  I love to write, too!  Reading and writing are very important.  They are tools we use to communicate.  Everyone needs to be able to communicate in order to get along and be happy in the world.
Another important tool in communication is listening!  I listen a lot!  The birds talk to tell each other which direction to go.  The squirrels are constantly chattering.  I don’t speak squirrel, so I don’t know what they’re saying, but I know it’s important!  I listen to Mommy and Daddy all the time!  I like to hear them talk, especially when they laugh or say my name.  Plus, I learn so much!  Reading and writing and listening = learning!  Sounds good to me!

January 2011
There is a famous song called “Auld Lang Syne.”  It is played every New Year’s Eve.  I’m not sure what all the words mean, but I think it has to do with making new friends and remembering the old ones too.  I remember my older brothers Kirby, Dexter, and Dito who all live in heaven now.  I also remember friends Ping and Pong who moved recently.  And how could I ever forget Boomer! my huge little brother?
We are getting new neighbors next door.  We think they have a Yorkie that wears a sweater.  As soon as I can, I am going over to meet them and welcome them to the neighborhood.
Mommy and Daddy remember their friends in heaven, the friends they had since they were young (that was a long time ago).  Now they make new friends when they do programs, events, and book signings.  We like making new friends, but we will never forget our old friends – they have been very important in our lives and helped make us who we are today.
So I think the song can be summarized by saying, “remember the new and don’t forget the old.”  Or something like that.  Be kind and love all is my motto.  That helps me be myself, “Rudy the cute poodle!”
May many wonderful events happen for all of you this year!  Happy 2011!

December 2010
This time of year brings back fond memories.  One of Mommy’s favorite memories are frosted sugar cookies made by the woman that used to take care of her and her brother John.  They were always her favorite cookies.  One time Daddy’s Mommy asked her to help decorate sugar cookies.  Mommy was frosting candy canes.  Daddy walked in and said, “Oh, you’re making blue jays!”  Mommy thought he meant the bird blue jay and was very confused.  Then Daddy explained she was using blue frosting on the candy canes she was holding upside down – making them look like blue jays.  It’s funny how the two same words can have two completely different meanings!  We laugh about it.
Boomer and I love frosted cookies made just for puppies.  Boomer licks the frosting off first, then eats the cookie.  I eat it all at once.  No matter how you eat them, they’re yummy!
I think the holidays are for love, laughter, and fun.
Happy Holidays!

November 2010
It is hard to believe November is here already!  Does November remind you of Thanksgiving?  It’s a holiday we can all celebrate together and give thanks.  Even though times may get tough, I am always thankful for my family.  I love them and I know they love me!  I am also thankful for my friends and people that love and encourage me.  Thank you!  A backyard to run, bark and explore is another thing I am thankful for.
I am very excited about the party for my third book “What’s On My Nose?” It takes place in my backyard!  I hope to see many of you there on November 15th.  I know it will be lots of fun.
Thank you for making my new book possible!  Happy Thanksgiving!

October 2010
October is a very busy month for me!  We are getting ready for the NKF Kidney Walk on October 9th.  As you know, we have a lot of experience with kidneys!  (Kidney failure, transplants, living donors…)  We think it is important to support charities.  Sometimes we sell my books and donate the profits to charity.  But you don’t always have to give money!  There are plenty of ways to give your support!  For the Kidney Foundation, we are walking.  One friend is giving by feeding the homeless at a soup kitchen.  Another friend is giving by tutoring at her local library.  Try to think of creative ways to support your favorite charities!
Good luck!

September 2010
September means it’s time to change from summer to fall.  In Minnesota, our seasons include a change in the weather.  Summer is hot while winter is cold!  Fall is somewhere in between.  I like fall, it’s my favorite season.  Around here the leaves in the trees turn brilliant colors of red, yellow and orange.  There are also some wonderful smells – like burning wood as people start using fireplaces to keep their homes warm.  I also like the smell of hay growing in the fields.  The air feels cool and refreshing!  Fall is a wonderful time to use all your senses – sight, smell and feel.

August 2010
Happy Birthday Boomer!  My little brother Boomer has a birthday this month.  I love birthdays!  They are great!  Birthdays are everyone’s special day so people can tell you how much they care about you!  Or you tell them how much you care!  Either way, it’s wonderful!  I believe everyone wants to feel cared about and loved.  Maybe we can even tell someone we care when it’s not their birthday.  I think I will!  Happy Birthday Boomer, I love you everyday!
Have a great August everyone!

July 2010
I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I think it’s important to have a reminder.  July is really hot!  It is so important to drink lots of water.  Sometimes I forget because I’m so busy celebrating the Fourth of July, Daddy’s Birthday and other fun events.  Then I remember to drink drink, drink!  This is true for people and dogs – other animals too!  Water will keep us feeling well and happy!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

June 2010
WOW! It is summer already! Did you know that lots of people graduate in June? We have been invited to three graduation parties! I am thinking about going back to school. I am at level 3. That is like college for puppies, I think. Little brother Boomer might go back too. He is at level 2 (puppy high school). No matter what level we are at, I think the most important thing is to do our best. Boomer and I do our best. We have lots of fun, make new friends, plus learn something! Happy Graduation! Enjoy the summer!

May 2010
Do you ever get upset with your brother or sister? My younger brother Boomer! is getting big – over 50 pounds ! I’m only 10 pounds. When Boomer! runs fast, he does not pay attention. He runs into me and knocks me over. It hurts! He does not mean to, so I have to be very patient. Once I pick myself up, I go to him and he apologizes and gives me a kiss. It’s a learning process. I really love my brother and I know he loves me. We take care of each other even with some accidents and disagreements – we work it out. Brothers are forever! So love them!

April 2010
Remember last summer when I told you my daddy gave my mommy one of his kidneys to save her life?  It was amazing!  April is National Donate Life Month!  During April, many people talk about how important giving a kidney is to help others.  Did you know almost all of us are born with two kidneys?  We only need one so we have an extra we can give away to help others!  That saves lives!  Wow!  My book “Rudy Gets A Transplant” talks about that.  Even though most of you may be too young to donate a kidney now, it is never too early to think about it.  Telling others helps them learn too!

March 2010
March 17th is St. Patricks Day.  Some people have shamrocks or four leaf clovers on this day.  They are supposed to bring good luck.  I do not have shamrocks, but I sure feel lucky!  I have a nice family, a place to live, and food to eat.  I also have little brother Boomer!  Some people and dogs do not have these things though.  I feel sad about that.  Boomer!came from a shelter before we adopted him.  I give my time and money to help whenever I can.  That makes me happy!  I hope others will help too.  Someday soon I would like everyone to feel lucky like me!

February 2010
I know I have said some of this before, but I think it is good to have a reminder. My little brother Boomer gets into everything. So we have to be careful about what is left within his reach. Some things can be really bad for dogs. Of course, pills should never be left out. Did you know things like coins and batteries are bad, too? One thing that people love, but is poison to a dog is … CHOCOLATE! It is a tasty treat for humans, but not for dogs, so please do not share it with us! Thanks!

January 2010
I have so much to be grateful for. My new little brother Boomer, my Mommy and Daddy, and everything I experienced this year. Some tough times (loosing big brother Kirby) but having memories I will cherish always. My resolution this year is to tell all my friends and family how much I care about them and how much they mean to me. Everyone has been very supportive and kind. I feel so blessed. Book sales are going well and Mommy is giving more presentations. We like to stay busy. Plus it’s good exercise! I’m staying fit and healthy chasing Boomer around. It’s great fun! I hope is 2010 special for you.

October 2009
Fall is here! Aren’t the colors beautiful? Unfortunately, it is also cold and flu season. I do everything I can to stay healthy. I got all my shots. Did you know there is an easy thing we can do to stop the spread of germs? It is wash our hands! Simple! I wash my paws all the time. I think everyone should, it really helps! So wash your hands often with soap and water – and remind your friends! That can help us all stay healthy! My new book, “Rudy’s Check Up” will be out soon. Watch this site for updates. Happy autumn!

September 2009
Wow! This summer has gone by so fast. There have been so many changes at my house. First, Mommy was on dialysis. Then Daddy gave one of his kidneys to Mommy. On July 22, my big brother Kirby went to heaven. I really miss him. Now, I am going to school. This time I am in puppy high school. I do my homework every night. I always listen to the teacher when I am in class. I want to learn as much as possible. Sometimes it is hard because I want to play with Maggie, my little friend. But we play after class instead! Maybe I will go to Puppy College next?

August 2009
Mommy got a kidney transplant! Daddy gave her one of his kidneys. Some sad news to share, my big brother Kirby went to heaven on Wednesday July 22nd. He lived with Mommy and Daddy for sixteen and a half years. Kirby taught me everything I know. I love him so much, and I really miss him a lot. He loved to give kisses.

May 2009
Have you ever made a wish? Did it come true? Earlier this spring I made a wish on a star that it would get warmer outside. The next day it was so nice my big brother Kirby and I could play in our big backyard. I cross my paws wishing Daddy will be home from work and play with us soon, and he is! I always wish Mommy will sing her silly songs and dance with me. For my birthday last week, I blew my birthday candles out and I wished my mommy would get a new kidney. It is a big wish so it has not come true yet, but I know it will. Sometimes big wishes take longer. Wishes are fun and very important. I am going to keep wishing everyday for Mommy. Will you wish with me?

April 2009
Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind you that April is National Donor Awareness Month. Many people are waiting for transplants. 78,500 are in need of a kidney. The average wait is five years. Last year, four thousand people died waiting for a kidney. This is so sad, considering living donors could have easily saved those lives. My mommy just found out she needs a new kidney. I hope we can find a living donor for her. I love Mommy, she is great! Thanks for your support!

March 2009
March is one of my favorite months. Things start warming up, and the snow starts going away. Soon my paws won’t be cold anymore! Yesterday Mommy and I did a presentation for the Girl Scouts. They gave me lots of cookies! I didn’t have any with chocolate or peanut butter, because chocolate and peanut butter make dogs very sick. I had lots of Trefoils though – they’re my favorite! My mommy’s birthday is coming up later this month. I’m going to surprise her with lots of puppy kisses that day. Don’t forget to wear green on the 17th. That’s St. Patricks Day! Maybe Mommy and Daddy will let me color my hair green just like the man in my story “Rudy O’Tooty.”

February 2009
I always try to do the right thing, even though it’s not easy sometimes. Part of that is respecting other people and their things. If I find a wallet in the street, I return it to the owner. I never copy from someone else’s paper. That’s called cheating. Show respect for your parents by paying attention to them. They love you and try hard to care for you. Last month a new President of the United States started. As a country we need to listen, work together, and help each other.

January 2009
Happy New Year! Did you get to see the crystal ball come down in Times Square? I got to stay up and watch it, but I barely made it! I was so tired!
Are you going to make a New Year’s resolution this year? A resolution is like a promise. Lots of people make resolutions to do things that will make their lives better. My resolution this year is to eat healthier and watch the number of cookies I eat! I am also going to get more rest. With the holidays, my book, presentations, and everyday life stuff – I have missed some sleep. What is your resolution?

Did you know Christmas isn’t the only holiday in December? My friend KC the cat is sharing Hanukkah with me. My daddy’s co-worker told me about Eid al-Adha. I’m going to learn about Kwanzaa from my little Yorkie friend across the street. Wow! I never knew there were so many! Even though I celebrate Christmas, I love learning about different cultures and their traditions. Whatever holiday you celebrate, I want to wish you all the best this holiday season.

With school and my new book coming out, things have been CRAZY! I have to write lists of things to do so I don’t forget! I bet you have a lot to remember too! Besides all the schoolwork, sports, and activities, I try to pay attention to other important things like: being nice to my brother and giving lots of kisses to Mommy and Daddy. Showing kindness is always at the top of my list! I am so thankful for my family and friends.

Halloween is coming! Do you like Halloween? I love dressing up. Sometimes I wear sunglasses or a mask. This year I want to be a pirate. I think I would look really cute! When I trick or treat, I always go in a group with my Mommy and Daddy. Safety first! We only go to homes with lights on and always say “Thank you!” Sometimes I get so excited I dance up and down on my back legs! This is a great time of year!

September is here! I love this time of year – Fall is coming and the leaves will be turning all kinds of beautiful colors. School is starting. I love learning. I graduated from puppy school! It was tons of fun plus they taught me so much. I think everyone should go to school! Then come home and jump into a big pile of leaves! Isn’t Fall great?

Summertime gets so hot! When your family runs errands, please leave your furry friends at home. Many dogs get sick when they are left in a hot car. Some of them will die if it gets too hot. It makes me so sad when I think about that. Most dogs don’t like extreme hot or cold. I enjoy being inside on really hot days!

JULY 2008
The Fourth of July is a really important holiday in American history. We celebrate it with lots of fun activities like picnics and games. My friends and I love picnics, as long as we have plenty of water and shade when it gets hot. Many people also celebrate with fireworks. Even though they are beautiful, most dogs don’t like fireworks. They scare us and hurt our ears! Please think about letting your furry friend enjoy fireworks on TV (with the sound turned down) in a nice cool home! Happy Fourth of July!

JUNE 2008
Just because school is over for the summer doesn’t mean you have to stop reading! Reading is fun all year round! After my friends and I play in my big backyard, we relax with a fun story book. We also like to visit our local library. There’s lots of fun things to do there – story telling hour, craft time, computer games, and tons of children’s books!

MAY 2008
A couple weeks ago I celebrated my birthday. My Grandma gave me money for a birthday present! I spent a little bit on a new squeaky toy and my favorite treats – COOKIES! The rest of it went right into my piggy bank. It’s never too early to start saving. You might need it for something important later.

APRIL 2008
Have you ever heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” I love this time of year – all the new smells and sights. Lots of baby animals are born in the spring. More friends for me! I try to find the hiding places for the baby birds, bunnies, squirrels, and everything else. I don’t get too close though (not yet anyway). Their moms and dads are very protective and might get upset!

MARCH 2008
I’m so glad spring will be coming later this month! Now that it’s getting warmer, I get to play outside lots with my brothers and friends. It’s a good thing; I need the exercise! The days are getting longer because the sun is out more. I always stay in my yard so Mommy and Daddy know where I am. I love spring, don’t you?

I love delicious Valentine’s treats! I can’t eat chocolate because it is poisonous for dogs. I can eat special doggy heart shaped cookies, though! Yum yum! Whatever I eat, I always make sure to brush my teeth every day. Then my teeth will stay healthy so I can eat more treats!

Snow is great, my brothers and I love to run around in the fresh fluffy white stuff. It is also very cold! Daddy always wipes my feet when I come inside. That takes care of all the street salt and snow in between my toes. If we didn’t do that my paws would hurt. When the temperature is really cold, we don’t stay out for long. Dogs need shelter just like kids! I even have my own winter coat!

The holidays are a beautiful time of year. I love all the twinkling lights and yummy smells! Especially pine trees and cookies! Some plants, like poinsettias, are poisonous to dogs, so make sure you put them out of our reach! Do you know what’s the best gift to give? It’s a hug! I’m going to give one to everyone I know. Have a safe, happy holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love turkey, don’t you? Turkey has a natural ingredient called tryptophan, so if you eat too much, you will get sleepy! Make sure you save room for energy food like vegetables and pumpkin pie! Yum, Yum!

Humans and animals should go to their doctors regularly. I go to my doctor once a year for a check up and my shots. I don’t even mind the shots, they keep me healthy. Besides, I get treats afterwards! Arf!

JULY 2007
Summer’s here, and I love the water! Swimming is great fun! When I go in the water, I make sure I have at least one adult watching me all the time.Safety around water is very important!