“Stacy’s presentation was inspiring. A topic that should be shared with all. She presented in a manner that was both honest and entertaining, while still getting her message across to the entire audience.  Stacy would be a great addition to any group who is looking for an inspirational speaker.”
— Chris Vancheri, Director of Public Affairs, Roche

There are always repeaters who attend her programs, which says a lot. Stacy is personable and approachable to children and adults alike. She explained all about being blind, where she gets her stories, and how she writes books.  Kids loved learning about the process of writing and getting published and were inspired by Stacy’s success.  Stacy answered everyone’s questions honestly and with humor.  Everyone enjoyed the Q&A part of the program, learning her story and getting to talk to Stacy (a “real” author). They also loved the storytime.
— Barb Simmons, Pleasant Hill Children’s Librarian