What’s On My Nose?

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Fabulously illustrated by Michelle Gruebele.  You’ll have to read the story to find out what’s on Rudy’s nose!  A light hearted problem solving adventure, the next entry in the Rudy’s Little World series.
Color Illustrations – Hard Cover – 32 pages


“Rudy’s playful and childlike exuberance leaps from the page as he uses his deductive reasoning skills to figure out just what has landed on his nose.  The illustrations are full of fun details, giving kids and adults much to discuss about the pictures.” —Jennifer Verbrugge, Programming and Outreach Librarian, Children’s Services, Dakota County Library

“My nine year old granddaughter bought What’s On My Nose? at the Writers’ Festival.  She chose that book to read to me.  She loves it.  And some of Rudy’s comments and thoughts made us laugh out loud.   What a lovely book.”

Kate Pettit, Bloomington Art Center