Rudy’s Checkup

Rudy's Checkup
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What is a stethoscope?  Going to the doctor is very important.  Rudy goes every year!  During a recent visit, Rudy notices his appointment is like a child’s visit to the doctor.  They do a lot of the same things.
Color Illustrations – Soft Cover – 30 pages


“I brought Rudy’s Check Up to the clinic with us.  It was great.  Comparing Rudy’s check up with a child’s was very helpful.  Made it less scary.” —Jane Johnson, Mother

“I read the book and was so impressed. The illustrations are awesome. I purchased a copy of the book and brought it to my granddaughter’s Day Care – La Petite… They were very impressed.” —Eileen F. Anderson, Gift Shop Manager Chanhassen Dinner Theatre

“I’ve been looking for a book like this. There’s nothing out there like it… I love the poodle. Love the kid. Great message… Preventive health care is important.” —Sue, Public Health Nurse, Ramsey County