RGAT Book CoverRudy's CheckupWOMN---Web-CoverRIKM-CoverBook CoverWhat's it Like in Heaven, Rudy?

Rudy Gets A Transplant – $7.95
Rudy learns what a transplant is and what it’s like to have one.  Big brother Dexter gives one of his kidneys to Rudy.  We learn that almost all of us are born with two kidneys and we only need one, so we have one we can give away to help others.
Color Illustrations – Soft Cover – 28 pages

Rudy’s Incredible Kidney Machine-$8.95
Rudy learns how our kidneys clean the blood.  When the kidneys aren’t working, there is an incredible process called dialysis that will do the kidneys job.  Diet and lifestyle are also discussed in this fantastic book.
Color Illustrations – Hard Cover – 32 pages

What’s On My Nose? – $10.00
Fabulously illustrated by Michelle Gruebele.  You’ll have to read the story to find out what’s on Rudy’s nose!  A light hearted problem solving adventure, the next entry in the Rudy’s Little World series.
Color Illustrations – Hard Cover – 32 pages

Rudy O’Tooty – $10.00
The latest offering in the Rudy’s Little World series finds our little friend at an Irish Fair.  This beautifully illustrated book features the sights and sounds of a grand celebration!  It includes a song written just for Rudy.
Color Illustrations – Hard Cover – 32 pages

Rudy’s Checkup – $9.95
What is a stethoscope?  Going to the doctor is very important.  Rudy goes every year!  During a recent visit, Rudy notices his appointment is like a child’s visit to the doctor.  They do a lot of the same things.
Color Illustrations – Soft Cover – 30 page

What’s it Like in Heaven, Rudy? – $10.00
Why did you leave?  Do you still love me?  What’s it like in Heaven, Rudy?  All questions younger brother, Boomer! has for Rudy the cute poodle.
“What’s it Like in Heaven, Rudy?” touches on a difficult subject in a sensitive, caring way.  Based on the Rainbow Bridge, a belief very close to the authors heart.
Color Illustrations – Hard Cover – 32 pages